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English Language Institute

New York City and Westchester NY

Table of Contents  


About the ELI


Improve your English?

Do you want to:

•  Two great New York locations: New York City

   (downtown and midtown Manhattan) and

    nearby Westchester (White Plains)

Prepare to study at a university in the United States?

Speak better English for your work and career?

Improve your TOEFL, IELTS, or GMAT score?

•  Small classes

•  Diverse student population

•  Experienced teachers and friendly, helpful 


•  Academic counseling and assistance with 

    visa questions

•  On-campus housing available

•  Access to all Pace University facilities & 

   services, including gym, library, computers,

   health care center, activities, discounted

   tickets and more.

•  Full program of social and cultural activities

•  Opportunities to make international and

    American friends

•  TOEFL waiver to enter Pace University

Intensive English Program

Improve your English skills for academic study, career

advancement, or personal enrichment. 

Program Benefits &  Highlights 

• A wide variety of elective courses, including:

•   American Culture through Film

Test Preparation Courses

Improve your test scores in major proficiency and academic tests. 

Program Benefits &  Highlights 

•   Improve language skills, learn about the test and develop

     important test-taking strategies


• Flexibility to study at different levels for each language skill

• Full-time or part-time study

• Frequent start dates throughout the year


• Students from more than 40 countries

• High quality teachers, with masters degrees and specialized


•   Pronunciation

•  Grammar for Speaking & Writing

•   Walking Tours of NYC

•  American Business Culture

•   Public Speaking

•    Includes:

•   Courses can be taken alone (part-time) or combined with

     academic or general English classes for full-time study

     •    TOEFL Preparation

     •    IELTS Preparation

     •    GMAT Preparation

Pre-Undergraduate Program

Prepare for study in an undergraduate degree program at Pace University or other universities in the United States.

Program Benefits &  Highlights

• Improve academic reading, writing, and study skills

Pre-Graduate Program

Prepare for study in a graduate degree program at Pace University or other universities in the United States.

Program Benefits &  Highlights

• Students who successfully complete the program

   will not be required to take the TOEFL test to enter

   Pace University

• Acquire research paper and essay writing skills

• Students who successfully complete the program

   will not be required to take the TOEFL test to enter Pace


• Learn essential, transferable skills such as note-taking,

   critical thinking, public speaking skills and test taking


• Study academic topics, using academic reading

   materials and videotaped lectures

• Free academic counseling and personal university

   application assistance provided

• Improve academic, reading, writing, and study


• Learn group project and oral presentation skills

• Acquire library and Internet research skills

• Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills

• Free academic counseling and personal university

   application assistance provided

English for Professionals

Train in practical business English and business culture in the United States. Improve your language skills for your job responsibilities and career needs.

Program Benefits &  Highlights 

•  Project a more professional image, increase client satisfaction

    and improve your job performance

English for Lawyers

Prepare for study in a Master of Laws (LLM) program at Pace Law School or other law schools in the U.S. in our summer program.

Program Benefits &  Highlights 

• Students who successfully complete the full-time program will not be required to take the TOEFL test to

   enter Pace Law School

•  Custom group classes or individual instruction for you or

    your employees at convenient Pace locations or onsite 

•  Workplace training programs available for any industry

•  Communicate clearly and effectively in business situations,


•  Build professional skills such as team building, conflict

    resolution, and transitioning to management

•  Develop cross-cultural communication skills, including working

    effectively in a multi-cultural organization and living and doing

    business in the U.S.

•  Practical training emphasizing real-life examples and authentic


•  Learn from qualified ESL instructors with business

    backgrounds and experience

•  Flexible scheduling weekdays, evenings, weekends, and/or online

• Develop legal writing skills and academic legal style

• Learn reading strategies and legal vocabulary for understanding, analyzing and orally briefing cases

• Deliver presentations on legal topics in a clear speaking style

• Learn about U.S. Common Law and other aspects of the U.S. legal system

• Visit U.S. courthouses and law firms, observe trials, meet with judges and lawyers

Online Programs

Experience the quality instruction, the sounds of American English and the American cultural experience of Pace University’s English Language Institute even if you can’t come, or before and/ or after you come, to New York.  

Program Benefits &  Highlights 

Program Benefits &  Highlights 

•  Flexible and convenient course options

•  Interactive classes

•  Group and private lessons

•  PASS (Preparing for Academic Student Success) 

•  4-week course for admitted international students 

•  Learn about American academic culture, life on a

    U.S. campus and in the United States 

Private Lessons

A customized learning experience to focus on your specific needs. 

•  Personalized needs analysis

•  An instructor who has the exact experience you require

•  You choose the time, dates and location

•  Individualized program. Areas of focus may include

    accent reduction, professional English, academic

    assistance, help preparing for an exam, or general

    English improvement

Gap-Year Programs

Take a Gap Year in New York. Study English and content classes.

•  Study a semester or more of English PLUS a semester of content classes at Pace; or 

Program Benefits &  Highlights 

Short-Term “English PLUS” Programs

The English Language Institute also designs fully experiential, short-term English programs for groups any time during the year.

Programs can include:

•  English language instruction

Example Courses:

•  Business English PLUS business lecture PLUS company visit PLUS walking tour of Financial

    District PLUS CEO guest lecture

•  Teacher Training PLUS guest lecture from School of Education PLUS visits to local schools PLUS

    micro teaching with feedback

•  College Prep course PLUS writing a college application essay workshops PLUS visits to NYC

    colleges PLUS weekend trip to Boston for college visits PLUS workshops with college advisor 

•  Summer fun of English PLUS cultural excursions in New York City PLUS full meal package PLUS

    Broadway show PLUS Yankees game

We can plan a program to meet your needs and interests.

•  Study a semester at Pace, taking a mix of English and content classes

•  Assistance with admissions requirements into content classes provided

•  Content courses from Pace University

•  Social and cultural activities in New York and nearby cities

•  Visits to businesses, schools, the UN, etc. 

•  Guest lectures by university professors and experts in the field

•  Housing options: on-campus housing, or homestay experience

•  Meal packages

•  Airport transfers 

Student Life

Have fun while you learn! Join weekly activities,

make friends, meet New Yorkers, and explore all

that New York has to offer.

Activities include:

• Professional athletic events 
• Walking tours
• Volunteer and community service opportunities
• Trips to amusement parks, museums, restaurants, etc.


Pace also offers the English Conversation Partner

Program, which pairs ELI students with American students

at Pace, and volunteering opportunities. These are great

ways to meet Americans and practice your English.

Admission to the ELI

The English Language Institute welcomes English language learners of all levels.
To apply, please visit  


If you need help, email us at (New York City campus) or (Westchester, NY campus). We are here to help you!

The deadline to apply is one

month (F1 full-time students) or 5

business days (transfer or part-time

students) before classes begin. 

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